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What We Want To Get Yall (All About The Slap Bass)

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  1. Malakinos
    Mar 17,  · To get the circular motion of the wrist between the thumb striking and the index finger popping really smooth and natural, I practice using simple drum grooves. Try playing the drum pattern from Queen’s “We Will Rock You” at different tempos using the slap .
  2. Basho
    In this lesson, we will show you how to slap bass with precision. Make Sure Your Fundamentals Are Strong. First thing’s first; we need to go over the basic slapping technique, slapping and popping. Slapping and popping are one single technique. When you slap with your thumb, you immediately pop with your chosen finger.
  3. Dasida
    Slap bass continues to be used in the 21st century, as it is widely used by modern rockabilly and psychobilly band bassists, including Kim Nekroman (Nekromantix), Geoff Kresge (Tiger Army), Scott Owen (The Living End) and Jimbo Wallace (The Reverend Horton Heat). Kresge's rapid slapping ability is all the more remarkable given that for much of his career he was an electric bassist.
  4. Kigakazahn
    Sep 18,  · Q: I have a question about slap bass playing. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube on playing slap bass, and what strikes me is the fact that there are a lot of instructors that explain rhythms to play, or certain techniques, but it seems such a mush of information to me. I simply can’t see a clear picture anymore.
  5. Akile
    Slap Bass Riff #4 – Take The Power Back. Slap bass is often seen as a funk/disco style of bass playing but slap is also popular in heavier metal styles. Take The Power Back by Rage Against The Machine is the perfect example of a catchy groove in a hard and heavy context.
  6. Faushicage
    Bass Lessons - Easy Slap Bass Line Bass Tab Here's a quick little bass line that will help you get comfortable with the slap style of bass playing. It's an easy .
  7. Jum
    Slap that bass (bridge) Dictators would be better off If they zoom zoom now and then Today, you can see that the happiest men All got rhythm In which case If you want a bauble Slap that bass Slap.
  8. Brajin
    Feb 06,  · Y'all better hit the water before I catch them all. Same bait and pattern as yesterday. Broke off on 4 fish, missed more hooksets then I care to say. Got down to only one swimbait hook leavt, so I shut it down with 27 bass landed six of those took a ride back too the house to be fried up. Every bass landed today was slap full of eggs.

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